What is the historical context for a major theme of the Epic?

After reading The Epic of Gilgamesh, write an analytical essay which answers the question: What is the historical context for a major theme of the Epic? Choose a major theme from the following list: The political state and how it was organized and ruled Write a short essay that provides the historical narrative of your chosen theme (2-4 pages double-spaced. Not in page count: title page, endnotes, and bibliography) Use reliable historical sources (the textbook, the intro to the Epic, and free online library sources). Cite your sources using the Chicago style, making sure to follow these steps: Step 1 – superscript numerals in numerical order in the text at the end of the appropriate sentence. Step 2 – specialized formatting of footnote or endnote. This is the “note” formatting of the “notes and bibliography” style. Subsequent citations for the same source are shortened. Step 3 – specialized formatting (different from the footnote/endnote formatting) for the “bibliography” aspect of the “notes and bibliography” style. Textbook and version of the Epic to use as 2 of 4 sources: Jerry H. Bentley & Herbert F. Ziegler, Traditions and Encounters, vol. I, 6th ed., Boston: McGraw Hill, 2015. The Epic of Gilgamesh, translated by N. (Nancy) K. Sandars, New York: Penguin, 1972 I DO NOT HAVE THE BOOK