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ORG 716 Week 5 Individual Assignment Article Review

Select an article of interest for your dissertation related to organizational theory and design. You may select from the Electronic Reserve Readings or search for a peer-reviewed article. Write a 500- to 750-word summary including the following: The article’s main points The article’s conclusions Your evaluation and analysis of the article’s conclusions References to support your evaluation […]

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OPS 571T Week 5 Discussion Forecasting

OPS 571T Week 5 Discussion Forecasting Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: · How has the development of the internet affected the way companies forecast in support of their supply chain planning process? · Provide an example of a successful or unsuccessful forecast. Due Monday Reply to at least 2 of […]

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ORG 716 Week 3 Individual Assignment Organizational Theories Matrix

Organizational Theories Matrix Complete the matrix by listing at least five organizational theories and the correlating theorists, concepts, strengths, and weaknesses of each theory. Answer the questions following the matrix. Include a reference page consistent with APA guidelines, and primary sources where available. Answer the following questions based on your research and the matrix: ·         […]

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