NTC 302 Week 1 Cloud Migration

NTC 302 Week 1 Cloud Migration

You are a systems engineer contracted to move The Grass is Greener, Inc. (GIG, Inc.) from their on-premises data center to the cloud. GIG, Inc. is a large landscaping company that has outgrown their current IT structure. They have a strong online presence that provides 50% of their new customer traffic and the convenient online payment section for customers. Both of these front-ends are connected to a back-end database that houses critical data that includes inventory, scheduling, pricing history, and personal identifiable information of their customers. Below are the company’s requirements:

•           The company has a webserver and database that they definitely want to move to the cloud. The system will need to be accessed from different offices as well as in the field. 

•           Secure network connectivity to the environment is a must.

•           They also have a file server that they are considering migrating based on long-term costs.

•           The company keeps files for a period of 5 years for compliance reasons.

•           Company management is very concerned about increased technology costs.

•           Last year, the company lost several thousand records due to a hard drive failure. They would like to ensure that any solution provided takes into account redundancy and reliability.

Create a 2- to 3-page summary that discusses the benefits and concerns of moving to a cloud environment. Ensure you include this information in your summary:

•           Costs

•           Technology

•           High level design options (IaaS, SaaS and PaaS)

•           Security

•           Reliability

Submit your summary.

Note: This assignment is accumulative, and you will see its evolution as you complete each week. Ensure that you design for a complete solution, but you can update each part before adding it to the final presentation.