NTC 248 Week 2Lab Submission (Practice Lab exercises)

NTC 248 Week 2 Lab Submission


Refer to the following Practice Lab exercises you completed this week:



Practice Labs: Configuring and Verifying VLANs

Exercise 1 – VLAN Creation and Management

Exercise 2 – Creating a Voice VLAN

Practice Labs: Configure and Verify Switching Concepts


Exercise 1 – Examining the Functionality of the MAC Address Table


Task 1 – MAC Address Learning

Exercise 2 – Examining MAC Address Aging


Task 1 – Adjusting the Aging Timer

Exercise 3 – Frame Switching Methods and Frame Flooding


Task 1 – Frame Switching

Practice Labs: Installing Virtual Machines

Exercise 1 – Installing the Hyper-V Role

Exercise 2 – Creating a New Virtual Server