NSG 4065 Week 5 Assignment 2 Final Project

Discussed the principles of holistic nursing care.

Discussed the four essentials of the holistic caring process.

Discussed differences in patient needs when developing a holistic plan of care.

Discussed the similarities and differences between complementary and alternative medicine and western medicine.

Described the role of nutrition and exercise in complementary and alternative medicine.

Discussed at least four therapeutic effects of humor and music therapy.

Discussed three main barriers to changing our current healthcare system to a more integrative system of care.

Created a short summary case file including age, sex, and diagnosis.

Completed a comprehensive review of needs or problems discovered, and provide rationales and interventions to address the needs.

Discussed implementation and evaluation of alternative and complementary modalities within the plan of care.

Discussed how your nursing practice will be affected by complementary and alternative medicine.