NR 602 Week 2 Case Study Discussion

NR 602 Week 2 Case Study Discussion



Case Study Discussion – Part 1


What is one important item you learned about gathering a history on an adolescent? For a sports physical?

Did you pick up any ‘red flags’ in the historical data?


What information should always be gathered on an adolescent that you have not previously seen?


………. makes a sports physical unique from other exams?


What are your differential diagnoses?


What further history should be gathered today and why?


Case Study Discussion – Part 2


Physical Examination of Lily:


V/S: Height- 160 cm, Weight- 45 kg, B/P 114/60, HR 90, RR 16, T 98.7, SpO2 99%


Awake, alert, oriented, cooperative. Difficulty with eye contact. Answers questions in short 1-2 word answers. HEENT: Head is normocephalic


Case Study Discussion – Part 3


Written summation of case in SOAP format.