NETW 208 Week 5 Access Control Lists You Decide

Week 5: Access Control Lists – You Decide




Scenario Summary

For this week’s assignment, you and the assistant network administrator will be dealing with the creation and maintenance of access control lists (ACLs) that need to be installed in routers at the Cleveland office. Be sure to provide an example of an extended or named extended access control list with your proposal and explain what is accomplished by each line in the list.  You also need to create policies and procedures (see Chapter 4) for the Cleveland office to handle the creation and maintenance of the ACLs.


Your Role/Assignment



Investigate what needs to be done for the WAN network located in the Cleveland office by providing the appropriate ACLs. You need to consider security policies and any other tools and techniques that will help with this matter.



K E Y P L A Y E R S           



Ken Rogers, Corporate Manager       





Ken Rogers is the corporate manager of the Pittsburgh, PA office. Ken has control over the new Cleveland branch office on a corporate level. Even though Kim is the branch manager of the Pittsburgh office, she has to get final approval on all designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases from Ken.      



Kim Brown, Branch Manager







Kim Brown is the branch manager for the new Cleveland office and oversees all the designs (especially in the area of technology) and purchases for it. Even though Ken Rogers gets the final approval for them, Kim is the person who all of the people involved with the project either report to or communicate with for answers. She is excited about her new position, but realizes that her technology knowledge is not up-to-par. In these cases, Kim relies on you, the network administrator, from the corporate office and your assistant network administrator, James Mitchell, in this process. Overall, this step requires that you choose what needs to be purchased for this WAN project, but interpret to Kim, on her technical level, what needs to be done.         



Cindy Won, Corporate Procurement Manager          







Cindy Won, the corporate procurement manager, and her assistants are in charge of purchasing the major components for the organization. In this case, Cindy and her staff will be in charge of purchasing all technical software and hardware components for the new WAN located in the Cleveland branch office.    



James Mitchell, Assistant Network Administrator    







James Mitchell is the assistant network administrator and works with you, the network administrator, out of the corporate office located in Pittsburgh. You and James will be working on the design of the new WAN infrastructure located in the Cleveland branch office. Duties also require that you and James help in the technical purchases of the WAN network. Purchases can include routers, switches, servers, and software.     



Y O U D E C I D E   




Identify ACLs that need to be installed in the Cleveland office from what you have learned in this course and your past experiences in technology.