How can each be applied effectively and under what circumstances?

How can each be applied effectively and under what circumstances?

Many organizations struggle to keep up with the rising costs of providing employee benefits. HRM professionals must be well versed in ways to contain those costs.

Salaries and benefits are usually the most significant expenses that organizations in all sectors of the economy encounter. Executives look to human resource management professionals for advice and guidance on the full spectrum of benefits considerations. This is an area in which HR actions can be clearly seen as affecting the organization’s profit statement. Selecting a reasonably-priced benefits program that fits employees’ needs is considered a key indicator of the success of an organization’s human resource program.

For this discussion, describe what HRM professionals can do to address the rising costs of employee health care. Support your recommendations with examples from the unit readings.

Feel free to also use examples from your personal work experiences with organizational benefits programs.

Discussion 2

This unit introduced the Society of Human Resource Management Code of Ethics. The SHRM Code of Ethics is a rich source of ethical conduct designed to guide the HRM professional navigate the many complex issues that present themselves in the organization. The SHRM Code is not a perfect vehicle of justice or decision making. It is a valuable framework of reference for HRM professionals to guide their organizations and membership towards an environment of just treatment and fair consideration. For this discussion, describe why employers are increasingly adopting consumer-driven health plans. Address the following questions:

What is the difference between fairness and justice?
How can each be applied effectively and under what circumstances?
Each answer must be 3 paragraphs with 2 references..

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