Basically, a reflective journal is a form of personal recording of the learning experiences of students.

ICT Professional
Question 1

The word professional can be both a verb and a noun. With being referred to as a noun, a professional could be anyone who collects his living from a specific activity he has chosen to specialize in. As a verb, professional becomes a description of the standards of training and education that are used in a particular field to prepare its members for the professional with very specific skills and knowledge necessary to engage in specific professional roles in the organization (Romme 2016). Most professionals like in the field of ICT have mastered the strict codes of conduct by nourishing their fields with high level moral and ethical obligations. For instance, in ICT there is how an IT professional is trained by IEEE to acquire certain talents and skills that are for professional as well as public interest and the larger good of the society. In certain cultures like the teaching profession, teachers are allowed to use certain shorthand words to ensure the profession has well educated workers who value autonomy.

Question 2

Basically, a reflective journal is a form of personal recording of the learning experiences of students. A reflective journal provides a space where the student records and reflects upon their learning experiences and observations and these reflections are later used to explore their individual ways of thinking. The personal reflective journal can be a useful reflective model which helps students to look at the wider nature of learning events from very many angles. Because the reflective journal is useful in the development of insights and ideas, the reflective journal is also useful in increasing learner’s understanding to different life situations. With the common questions like what happened, why it happened and what can be learned from what happened students are allowed to analyze their self-development for future learning process. For instance, in certain professions like nursing, midwives are trained to always record their personal professional experience in every interaction for autonomy in the practice (Macdonald 2011).