Workplace violence and harassment in healthcare professional

Workplace violence and harassment in healthcare professional

Turn in the first draft of your paper in apa style. You are required to have:

title page
introduction (labeled with title, not the header introduction), literature review (use this header plus subheaders of what you review), theory (optional), and proposed study
You must have the citations in text and sources in reference list MATCH and be in APA style.

Each of these parts of you paper are covered more fully in other readings, but here is a brief discussion to give you a general idea.

What goes into the Introduction section?

Center the title of the paper (do not use the word Introduction) and use the following subheaders- Statement of Problem, Literature Review, Research question/statement and hypothesis

Statement of problem. This introduction should be very brief, about 2 pages. It will explain the purpose of the proposal, including why it is important and worthwhile wihtout reviewing the literature. earch questions and methods. Don’t include details that are covered in the other sections (background and approach).
Literature review is the science background –what have other studies found? What statistics support your ideas? This is the biggest section as it describes experiments similar to your proposed one (about 5 pages)
Proposed investigation with overview of project plus research question/statement AND hypothesis (about 2 pages)
Clearly state the research topic. This is a general statement; try to use one sentence.
Explain why the research topic is important, that is, what is the problem that you want to address. (This may also be called the “statement of “need” or “problem statement.”). This statement often refers to information (this could be anecdotal incidents, media reports, prior research, etc.) that indicates that a problem really does exist. Do not write more than one or two short paragraphs.

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