What should be added to the values to address the ethics of the business?

What should be added to the values to address the ethics of the business?

assignment 2: LASA 1—The Strategic Components of State Healthcare Management Company

The State Healthcare Management Company (a fictitious company) has been established to provide coordinated healthcare to state workers. You are a new manager in this company. Your supervisor has asked you to review your company’s mission, vision, goals and strategies. She/he posed the following questions and has asked you to provide a report (5 – 8 pages) answering each question. Your report should follow APA guidelines and include at least four outside resources.


The mission of the State Healthcare Management Company is to improve access to cost-effective, quality health care services for state workers.

Our vision for the next three years includes:

The public and government agencies are confident that our customers are being treated fairly in the determination of eligibility and benefits.
Healthcare providers see us as proactive partners to provide preventative care to our customers.
Turnover of key personnel is minimal, with sufficient staff education to insure compliance with new regulations.
Our values are:

Provide prevention and early intervention information to help customers make good health care choices.
Negotiate with suppliers, including service providers, to achieve value for customers
Assess, evaluate and continuously improve the quality of our work.
Our strategic goals for this year are:

Increase the number of state workers covered to 70% of the population of state workers
Improve Health Outcomes by linking provider payments to decreasing occurrences of the customer’s disease outbreaks
Contain Health Care Costs by asking for specific evidence from physicians when they request payment for customer care
Improve the long-term care service delivery system by identifying a baseline for nursing homes.

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