What lens do you think would be most useful in your work with this client? Why?

The second part of this assignment will be based on your biopsychosocial assessment. This portion of your paper will be three to four double-spaced pages. Please respond to each of the following prompts, using section headings that correspond with each numbered question for your responses. 1. Select one problem from your original client assessment. a. Express the problem as an identity, an attribute, and a behavior (pp 236 – 237). b. What are the benefits and drawbacks of viewing your client from each lens? c. What lens do you think would be most useful in your work with this client? Why? 2. Drawing on your description of the clients presenting problem(s) write about when the client experiences exceptions to the problem. a. What questions did/can you ask to elicit discussion of exceptions, resilience, or protective factors? b. How does assessing exceptions impact your view of the problem? SW446B Foundation Field Education II 11 3. Evaluate your formulation for this client using the following parameters: a. Whose perspective is represented? Have you included the clients understanding of the primary issues, what has caused them, how they have been maintained, and what might help to resolve them? If not, why not? b. Have you fully incorporated this clients protective factors (strengths, capabilities, resources, and evidence of resiliency) into the formulation? Describe how you have done this or what you would do differently to improve your formulation along these lines. c. How does including these elements (the clients perspective and protective factors) change the formulation and influence how you would work with this client? 4. Describe how you would approach working with this client from the lens of constructing solutions versus solving problems. a. Does your approach change when you move from solving problems to constructing solutions? How?