What are the key issues to consider about when to delegate and assign care to this patient?

The staff on the oncology unit for the day shift (7 AM to 3:30 PM) for nine patients includes Sherry Trader, the charge nurse; James Fair, a recently hired staff nurse; and Julie Coggeshall, one of the NAP, who is in nursing school. A 78-year-old woman admitted with the diagnosis of breast cancer is scheduled for a radical mastectomy at 8:30 AM. The patient is nonverbal to James, the nurse assigned to the patient. James tells the charge nurse that he has never prepared a patient who was to go to surgery for a mastectomy. The charge nurse indicates to James that the forms are no different from those for any other surgery.
Read critical thinking exercise on page 158 – staff on the oncology unit day shift.
Cite content from your assigned readings and the literature to answer the following questions regarding the critical thinking exercise:
1)What are the key issues to consider about when to delegate and assign care to this patient?
2)What are the dimensions of power and conflict in this situation?
3) What are the problems presented in the case?
4) What are the possible solutions? Include at least 2 power and conflict resolution strategies and 2 communication techniques in your response.
5) To whom and what tasks should be delegated to facilitate the patient’s progression to surgery?
6) What are charge nurse Trader’s options if the staff refuse to accept the delegated tasks?
Must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to EXAMPLES FROM YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE TO AUGMENT THE TOPIC. The goal is to make your post interesting and engaging so others will want to read/respond to it. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes, which can often be dry and boring. No direct quotes are allowed in the discussion board posts.
Initial Post: Minimum of two (2) total references: one (1) from required course materials and one (1) from peer-reviewed references.
TEXTBOOK:Leadership and Nursing Care Management, Elsevier-Saunders, 2013, 5th edition. Read Chapters 9 AND 10
journal article or books should not be older than 5 years (2013-2018) unless approved by the instructor