The connection between Anxiety and Body Language

People’s emotions and feelings are shown through their posture and expressions in different ways. Emotions such as happiness and fear have different body languages and so do anxiety also. Additionally, we are able to read that body language without any difficulty. A person’s mind dictates the actions of a person’s body, and therefore anxiety is expressed in different body postures. Bodily communication sets the nature for our interaction with friends such as tension, and therefore body language is more than communication. People with anxiety express their physical and psychological symptoms differently.  Anxiety is expressed in different body language, which is evident in people’s hands and feet movement, face and general posture.

Hands posture express people’s anxiety. This emotional state is evident when one hides their hands. Leaving hands in a clear sign usually expresses peace and friendship, meaning there is nothing you are hiding, such as a weapon. People leave their hands in the open when they are calm(Borgomaneri 2015). Those people who are afraid or mistrustful usually hide their hands either in their pockets or behind their back. Hands as a body language express their anxiety because of their connection.