Putin’s rebranding of Russia (Creation of National Brand)

Unfortunately, the University has announced that my dissertation did not reach the expected level. Now I got the last opportunity to fix it and resubmit.The administration sent the comments of the opponent and the consultant in DOC. format (I attached it). You can find everything clearly explained what they missed from the dissertation.The dissertation doc file is also attached. Please rewrite the dissertation strictly according to the Dissertation Marking Sheet! Pay attention to improve the weak points of the research process (reaserch question, and a reserachable hypothesis harmoinize with the survey result) correct the grammar and the style. Please, read attentively the comments to complete the dissertation to a superb level.Please while you are working on the dissertation use color letters to keep track of changes, for me.In the case of the success of my MSc dissertation, I am looking for further cooperation with you during my Ph.D.Best Regards