OI 466 Week 4 DQ 2

Murphy (2002) talks about a couple of good reasons for making a prototype is not only the see what it would look like for the customers but to show what it would look like for the rest of the team.  The other reason is to show how the interfaces might occur with it also.  Giving the team a visualization is always a good idea and making sure the new product or service has a good method of interface and usability is always good.  The question would be if you are a visual person or not – so would this matter to you.  Because it is often expensive it may not be worth the effort if it does not help.  I know it always helps me.
Murphy, N. (2002, October). User interface prototypes. Embedded Systems Programming, 15(10), 33.
Miles (2000) argues that with the modernization of society and the profit many companies began to see we should have been preparing for a leisure society (with shorter working lifetimes and more investment in the arts and culture), or a caring society (with higher all-round educational attainment and better social and economic planning) – what happened.  It seems like we went the other way.  What do you think has driven companies to seem to be wanting more and more and giving the middle class less and less – or is that wrong – Why?
Miles, I. (2000, December). Services innovation: Coming of age in the knowledge-based economy. International Journal of Innovation Management, 4(4), 371.