NTC 411 Week 5 Business Continuity Plan Presentation

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Resource: Network Configuration Visio®  documents for International Plastics, Inc. See zip file: InternationalPlasticsIncNetwork.zip
Throughout the course key concepts and activities have underscored the value of effective and efficient enterprise network management. An enterprise requires a Business Continuity Plan in order to restore and maintain essential corporate networking services and information protection during a crisis that can originate from a natural disaster to the compromise of network resources and information sources by an external or internal attack. The Learning Team assignments provide the opportunity for each student in a team context to use the acquired knowledge and experience to integrate these concepts into a Business
Continuity Plan.
Scenario: Your Learning Team is a group of IT professionals who are hired to develop and present a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to senior management for approval and funding. Your team must prepare a PowerPoint®  presentation to educate senior management about the need for the BCP and describe the technical details of your proposal.
Use the International Plastics, Inc. documentation, resources used in the course, and additional outside sources to create the Business Continuity Plan (referred to as BCP).
Compile your outline, drawings, and explanation from prior Learning Team submissions. These are to be used in your presentation to senior management as handouts to support your plan.
Create a 5- to 6-slide Microsoft®  PowerPoint®  presentation with speaker notes that address the following:
•  Provide a concise view of the business continuity plan
•  Provide insights on how your plan will address vulnerabilities
•  Persuade senior leadership to approve and fund the proposed BCP
•  The presentation should be engaging; use relevant figures and diagrams
•  Citations must be included in each slide as a note and follow APA guidelines
Submit the Business Continuity Plan presentation for International Plastics using the Assignment Files tab.