NTC 405 Week 4 Individual Interview Questions (2 Papers)

This Tutorial contains 2 Papers


NTC 405 Week 4 Individual: Interview Questions

You are an IT Manager for a large company that recently experienced an internet breach. You have determined that implementing VPN services between sites for backup WAN connections and upgrading the security inside your network will help combat future internet breaches. In order to complete the project and maintain it you need to recruit new employees to implement new security policies, VPN’s, firewalls, and virus scanning. You are now at the interview stage, and HR has requested that you create a list of standard technical questions you will ask each candidate.

Create 10 interview questions, not to exceed 2 pages, related to several different aspects of security that will be used in the interview process. Base the questions on what you learned in this week’s Practice Labs activities.

Since this is your first time interviewing, watch the module “Purpose of Technical Questions” from the Pluralsight video “The Successful Technical Interview for Interviewers” with Jason Alba.

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