NTC 328 Assignment Week 3 Backup and Restore Group Policy

NTC 328 Backup and Recovery of Group Policy Objects


NTC 328 Assignment Week 3  Backup and Restore Group Policy

A best practice recommendation in working with Group Policy Objects (GPO) is to make a backup of your GPOs before and after you make significant changes to them. Following this best practice will allow you to restore GPOs if issues like human errors occur while making GPO configuration changes.

Use the Practice Labs Windows ServerĀ® 2016 lab environment to configure a few GPOs, then use the Group Policy Management console to back up your GPOs.

Take screenshots from the Group Policy Management console for each step used in the process to back up your GPOs.

Create a 3- to 4-page technical document, including screenshots, documenting how you backed up and restored your GPOs and answer the following questions:

  • Why is it important to back up your GPOs?
  • Identify key steps used to back up your GPOs.
  • Discuss where you save the GPO backup folder and the name of the backup folder.
  • Discuss and provide screenshots demonstrating how to restore a GPO backup.

Submit your completed GPO backup paper to the Assignment Files tab.


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