NTC 326 Assignment Week 4 Import and Export NPS Policies

NTC 326 Assignment Week 4  Import and Export NPS Policies

It is common for most organizations to have multiple NPS roles deployed on multiple Windows Server® 2016 computers throughout the organization. With Windows Server® 2016, you can use the same NPS Policies on all of them by exporting and importing NPS policies. Imagine that you work for an organization where the leadership has asked you to create a technical guide for Windows Server® 2016 users.

Use the Practice Labs Windows Server® 2016 environment to take screenshots showing the use of the Network Policy Server Console in Windows Server® 2016 to complete the following tasks:

  • Export a configuration
  • Demonstrate selecting the “I Am Aware That I Am Exporting All Shared Secrets” checkbox
  • Specify a location to store the NPS export
  • Locate an XML file that contains an exported NPS configuration
  • Import an NPS configuration

Create a 3- to 4-page technical guide that describes and shows how to export NPS configurations from one server and import the configuration to another server.

Submit your technical document to the Assignment Files tab.