NTC 326 Assignment Week 3 IPAM Auditing Features

NTC 326 Assignment Week 3  IPAM Auditing Features

IPAM monitoring and auditing features give you the ability to audit IPAM configuration changes, DHCP configuration changes, and IP address usage.

The IT manager in your organization has asked you to create a training presentation on using IPAM auditing features. You have been asked to address the following concepts in your training presentation:

  • What must take place before IPAM monitoring and auditing information is available?
  • Demonstrate how to:
    • Enable logon event auditing
    • Configure security event log size
    • Configure audit
  • Demonstrate how to audit the following information:
    • Changes performed on DNS and DHCP servers
    • IPAM address usage
    • DHCP lease events and user logon events
    • IP address tracking
  • Show how to access the Microsoft® TechNet website and present the following information:
    • IP Address Tracking information contained in Microsoft® TechNet website

Use the Practice Labs Windows Server® 2016 lab environment to create the required demonstration slides for this assignment. Take screenshots of each task mentioned above and include them in your PowerPoint® presentation.

Your PowerPoint® presentation should be multimedia-rich and include 14 to 16 slides, with detailed speaker notes for each slide.

Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab.