NTC 320 Week 5 West Consulting Voice And Video Network Design And Final Proposal

Week 5
West Consulting Network Design Summary
Week One Individual Assignment, “West Consulting Customer Design Summary”
Week Two Individual Assignment, “West Consulting Modular Design Proposal”
Week Three Individual Assignment, “West Consulting IP Addressing Schema”
Week Four Individual Assignment, “Data Center Design”
To complete your final expansion plan and proposal for West Consulting, this week you will develop the voice and video network design and compile the efforts of your previous assignments to create a comprehensive proposal.
Incorporate feedback you received from your instructor on the diagram from the Week Four Individual Assignment, “West Consulting Data Center Design.” Use this revised diagram, and the information from all previous assignments, as the basis for remainder of this assignment.
Design a voice and video network that meets West Consulting’s needs, including annotations that highlight how traffic concerns will be addressed.
Diagram your voice and video network design in Microsoft® Visio®.
Create a final network growth and expansion proposal that includes the following:
An Executive Summary of the proposal
A summary of the project purpose, including:
West Consulting’s business needs
West Consulting’s current network status
West Consulting’s desired or needed network status
Constraints or issues to be considered in your design
Completed network design proposal that includes the following:
Campus LAN
Enterprise WAN
IP Addressing Schema
Data Centers
WLAN Security
Voice and Video Integration
Summary of network security concerns and plans
A recommendation to virtualize two network components in your design, including the benefits of virtualizing the two components
A summary of requirements to ensure the implemented design is effective
A summary of risks and suggested controls to ensure the network is implemented effectively and optimized for future growth
Create the narrative portions of the proposal as a 6- to 7-page Microsoft® Word document.