NTC 320 Week 5 Team Reding Health Group Enterprise Design Summary

NTC 320 Week 5 Learning Team: Reding Health Group Enterprise Design Summary

This week, you and your team will design the voice and video network and compile your full enterprise design for submission.

Create a Microsoft® Visio® diagram illustrating the integration of the voice and video network components into the full enterprise network design.

Note: Use your WLAN and Data Center Design from the Week 4 Learning Team Assignment with incorporated instructor feedback.

Compile the results of the Learning Team Reding Health Group assignments from Weeks Two, Three, and Four and create a final enterprise network design proposal that includes the following:

  • The full enterprise network design, including:
    • A campus LAN design for the headquarter location that includes the physical and logical network design for each building
    • VLANs for each department
    • Datacenter design
    • A branch office network design for each location
    • An Enterprise WLAN design for each branch office
    • An Enterprise WAN design that demonstrates medium connectivity between each site
    • An Enterprise collaboration network for voice and video
    • Remote and seamless Internet connectivity
  • Proposal Recommendation:
    • An Executive Summary stating the purpose of the project and identifying key components of the proposed design
    • A short description of each network module

Create your proposal narrative as either:

  • A 3-page Microsoft® Word document
  • A 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker’s notes

Compress the proposal and design diagram files into a ZIP folder.

Submit the ZIP file to the Assignment Files tab.