NTC 320 Week 2 Team Project Plan

Learning Team: Project Plan
Option#1: Project Plan – Word Doc
Option#2: Project Plan – Excel Spreadsheet
Review the Learning Team assignment, due in Week Five.
Develop a project plan that details all tasks that must be completed to successfully submit the final learning team assignment. Each task must be accompanied by a start date, end date, and owner/resource assigned (the learning team member name). This will serve as your working project plan for the Learning Team project.
The project plan should include all the tasks needed to complete each of the weekly deliverables:
      • logical network design – due Week Three
      • physical network design – due Week Four
      • comprehensive network design – due Week Five
      • final paper covering design criteria, assumptions, security plan, and rationale for
decisions – due Week Five.
The project plan can be created using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word (using a table). The project plan should include the following columns, with details in each column: Task ID, Task Description, Start Date, End Date, Dependencies/Predecessors (if applicable),
Owner(s)/Resourc, and Percent Complete. You will need to update this project plan weekly.
Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.