NTC 320 Week 2 Enterprise Data Center Design

NTC 320 Week 2
Individual: Enterprise Data Center Design
Includes Microsoft Visio file – Make your own edits to Diagram!
Assignment Preparation: Activities include completing the TestOut course, independent student reading, and research.
Complete the following sections of the TestOut Routing and Switching Pro course Chapter 2, Networking Concepts (includes videos, charts, labs, and practice questions):
• 2.1, Networking Fundamentals
• 2.2, Network Devices
• 2.3, TCP/IP Networking Model
• 2.4, Data Emcapsulation
• 2.5, OSI Networking Model
• 2.6, Data Communications
• 2.7, Ethernet Networking
• 2.8, WAN Fundamentals
Using Visio, create a high level large enterprise data center design that follows the Cisco multilayer infrastructure architecture.
Use Insert/Comment or Insert/Text Box to provide a brief explanation of each component.
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