NTC 320 Week 1 West Consulting Customer Design Summary

Week 1
You work as a network consultant for West Consulting, a graphic design and printing company.
West Consulting is growing in customer and sales volume and therefore, is expanding its local campus in Houston, Texas and adding a test location in China.
You are tasked with designing a network to support their growth and expansion plan and drafting a proposal. You will work on this project over the next five weeks. The first task is to confirm your understanding of the project and outline your high-level plan to approach the design.
Refer to the West Consulting Network Design Summary document; which lists the network requirements and configuration details.
Create a Customer Design Summary that includes the following:
Project Summary
A description of the organization, the business environment, and the project purpose
Design Requirements
Desired functional network requirements, any technical constraints, and network performance or design goals
Existing High-Level Network Infrastructure Survey
Include logical topology diagrams (layer 3) and physical network diagrams of current infrastructure and routing
Implementation Plan
Description of a high-level network upgrade plan based on Cisco’s network design lifecycle principles and an explanation of how your plan addresses West Consulting’s goals and strategies
Diagram your current network survey in Microsoft® Visio®.
Document the remainder of your Customer Design Summary as either a:
A 2- to 3-page Microsoft® Word document
A 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes
Note: You will complete assignments related to this project throughout this course. The assignments build on one another. Therefore, it is recommended that you select the delivery method of a Microsoft®PowerPoint® presentation or a Microsoft® Word document you will want to use throughout these assignments. Also, You will use this completed assignment in the Week Two Individual Assignment titled, “West Consulting Modular Design Proposal.”
Submit your documents to the Assignments Files tab.