NTC 302 Week 3 Cloud Migration Performance

NTC 302 Week 3 Cloud Migration Performance

In Week 1, you discussed GIG, Inc.’s benefits and concerns with moving to the cloud. Last week, you created a high-level diagram of a system using built-in AWS that provided reliability, availability, and continuity across the migrated environment.

This week, choose one of the following database scenarios:

•           Transactional database (e.g., eCommerce)

•           Analytic database (query very large datasets)

•           Internet scale application (serves content and stores both structured or unstructured data)

Create a diagram in Microsoft® Visio® that applies built-in AWS that visualizes the chosen system and implementation steps.

Create a 6- to 8-slide presentation that outlines the following:

•           Overview of AWS database options

•           The best AWS database service for the chosen scenario

•           Support the decision with evidence

•           Outline the key features of the given database

Submit your diagram and presentation.