NTC 302 Week 2 Cloud Migration Resiliency

NTC 302 Week 2 Cloud Migration: Resiliency 

Last week, you discussed GIG, Inc.’s benefits and concerns with moving to the cloud.

This week, you will create a high-level diagram in Microsoft® Visio® of the resilient aspects of the system provided by AWS. The diagram should cover the system architecture in the AWS environment. Specific AWS (e.g., AWS Availability Zones, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon CloudFront, etc.) that will provide reliability, availability, and continuity across the migrated environment need to be included. Also, ensure you include the following:

•           Costs

•           Specific AWS

•           Connectivity across multiple availability zones

•           At least one AWS that will support your design for fault tolerance (if one system were to fail)

Submit your diagram.