NTC 300 Assignment Week 3 Class Discussion Questions

NTC 300 WEEK 3 Class Discussion Questions



Discussion Question: Patch Management

Patch management is critical to ensuring system security and functionality. Non-IT professionals, however, may question the resources dedicated to ensuring proper patch management.

Prepare to justify patch management and to explain how patch management works by answering the following questions:

    • What is the purpose of patch management?

    • What is the order of operations for patching?

    • Are patches cumulative? Why or why not?

Research instances of security breaches that could have been avoided with sound patch management.

Describe one example that could help persuade your non-IT colleagues of the importance and value of patch management.

Post your answers to the discussion area.

Respond to at least one of your peers. In your response, consider sharing your ideas about what elements should be considered in an overall patch management strategy.




Discussion Question: Cloud Automation Tools and Techniques

You are working on an IT team designing a cloud solution for a new company. You are responsible for presenting options for automation tools and techniques.

Research currently available automation tools and techniques.

Describe two automation tools and techniques that can be used to assure efficiency in cloud solution operations.

Include the circumstances that would indicate the use of one tool over another or what tools could be used in conjunction with another.

Post your descriptions to the discussion area.

Respond to at least one of your peers. In your response, consider sharing additional insights about the pros or limitations of the tools and techniques described by your peers.




Discussion Question: Ensuring IT Accessibility and Functionality

You are an IT manager in a small company. The company executives are leading a two-day disaster planning retreat to review and revise the company’s disaster and recovery plans.

You are to present the IT department’s plans and processes.

Backup, restore, disaster recovery, and business continuity are all terms near and dear to IT professionals. However, because there will be presentations from many different disciplines (e.g., finance, HR, and production), you decide to start by defining terms from an IT perspective.

Define each of the following terms:

    • Backup

    • Restore

    • Disaster recovery

  • Business continuity

Explain how each term relates to the others and work together to ensure an organization’s IT system remains accessible and functional.

Post your responses to the discussion area.

Respond to at least one of your peers. In your response, consider adding insights to improve your peer’s answer clarity or completeness. Alternatively, note something you learned from your peer.

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