NSG 511 Week 1 Nursing Theory Perspectives

NSG 511 Week 1 Nursing Theory Perspectives

This activity is designed to expose you to a variety of nursing theory perspectives.

Research several nursing theories and select one.

Analyze the theory. Your analysis should include:

  • Description of the theory’s background and influencing factors, including worldview
  • Explanation of the underlying assumptions
  • Summary of how the theorist views the five patterns of knowledge:
    • Empirical knowledge (the science)
    • Esthetic knowledge (the art)
    • Personal knowing (nurse-patient relationship)
    • Ethical knowing (what constitutes good actions for that patient)
    • Emancipatory knowing (sociopolitical considerations)
  • Evaluation of major strengths and weaknesses
  • Application strategies for clinical practice
  • Citation of case example from personal or professional life that describe the application in practice

Cite at least three scholarly articles.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 18- to 20-slide presentation
  • 3- to 4-minute podcast
  • 875-word paper
  • another format approved by your instructor

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