NR 601 Week 6 Case Study Discussions Health Promotion, Health Protection, Disease Prevention, and Treatment Considerations in Long-Term Care (Part-2)

Discussion Part Two (graded)




Physical Exam:



Discussion Part Two (graded)


Vital signs: blood pressure 145/90, heart rate 100, respirations 20

height 5’1”; weight 210 pounds




CBC: normal


UA: 2+ glucose; 1+ protein; negative for ketones


CMP: BUN/Creat. elevated; Glucose is 300 mg/dL


Hemoglobin A1c: 12%


Thyroid panel: normal


LFTs: normal


Cholesterol: total cholesterol (206), LDL elevated; HDL is low

EKG: normal


General: obese female in not acute distress

HEENT: unremarkable


CV: S1 and S2 RRR without murmurs or rubs


Lungs: Clear to auscultation


Abdomen– soft, round, nontender with positive bowel sounds present; no organomegaly; no abdominal bruits



Discussion Questions Part Two




For the primary diagnosis, what non-pharmacological and pharmacological strategies would be appropriate?


Include the following: lab work and screenings to be completed.

Describe patient education strategies.


Describe follow-up and any referrals that may be necessary.