Identify stroke syndromes and relate them to pathophysiology and clinical signs. SIMULATION

Identify stroke syndromes and relate them to pathophysiology and clinical signs.

“Simulation is a technique, not a technology, to replace or amplify real experiences with guided
experiences, often immersive in nature, that evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the real
world in a fully interactive fashion” (Gaba, 2004, p.i2).
With reference to the current literature, provide a detailed analysis of simulation-based learning
strategies related to your chosen simulation project topic area. Explore how simulation-based
learning is used in the topic area and provide details of the types of simulation technology (such
as manikin patient simulators, task trainers, virtual reality) used. Students should focus on the
evidence base that underpins the research in simulation studies and evaluate the effectiveness
in terms of educational outcomes.
Project title:
The impact of Advanced Stroke Life Support for Emergency nurses on stroke patient outcome: evidence based educational program for emergency nurses
Project target audience:
The target audiences for this project are emergency nurses (junior nurses, charge nurses and nursing educators)
learning outcomes: At the successful completion of this project, participant will be able to:
o Becoming familiar with the anatomy and physiology of acute stroke and its clinical presentation.
o Identify stroke syndromes and related them to pathophysiology and clinical signs.
o Identifying and physical assessment any neurological deficits in suspect stroke patients and determine the appropriate triage levels based on hospital triage levels.
o Perform comprehensive nursing neurological assessment to identify occurrence of stroke effectively.
o Demonstrate Advanced Stroke Life Support knowledge and apply ASLS skills in clinical setting.
o Perform decision-making skills in acute stroke situation.
o Discuss and outline thrombolytic drug protocol, tPA eligibility and the contraindication of intravenous tPA treatment by following the hospital stroke protocol.

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