How do my feelings about (topic) impact my behavior or actions?

1.Abortion access & pregnancy option 2.Birth control & condom avaliblity 3. Rights of transgender or gender non conforming people. The introduction should lead with a “hook,” a few sentences that provokes attention. The introduction should communicate your thoughts and reactions as you began the paper, considering answering questions like “what assumptions did I make as I began this paper?” and “how did I decide which topics to write about?”. The introduction should end with your “thesis statement,” a one-sentence statement that summarizes the paper’s argument. Example, “Engaging in critical thinking around my values system related to [insert topics] allowed me to consider how they affect my day-to-day actions. The body Write a total of nine paragraphs, three per topic. The first paragraph of each topic should describe your values, beliefs, and attitudes specific to this sexuality topic. Example questions: How do I feel about (topic)? Do I think (topic) is good/bad, healthy/unhealthy? How do most people feel about (topic), and how are my values, beliefs, and attitudes different? The second paragraph of each topic should describe the major influences in your life that shaped your understanding of this topic. Example questions: Who taught me the most about how to feel about this topic? How does media or pop culture influence this value? How does public policy or laws influence this value? The third paragraph of each topic should describe how your attitude towards this value affects your day-to-day life. Example questions: How do my feelings about (topic) impact my behavior or actions? Do my values around this topic affect me a lot or a little? The conclusion should be a reflection on your introduction and thesis, the body of the paper, and your experience from the exercise. Write one full paragraph describing what you learned.