Explore the qualitative research method as a form of nursing inquiry.

Explore the qualitative research method as a form of nursing inquiry.

2. Delineate reliability and validity issues in qualitative research.
3. Critically analyze a qualitative research study.
4. Write a critique of a published qualitative study.


1. Select a qualitative research study from the list below to serve as the basis for your critique. All studies have been placed on library reserve.
2. Read and review the study in terms of the concepts presented in class, including research design, rigor, reliability and validity.
3. Write a critique of the study, in outline form, addressing each of the following:
• Topic of the study/Research question
• Purpose & significance of the study
• Qualitative method used
• Sampling procedures & protection of human subjects
• Data collection procedures
• Data analysis procedures
• Findings of the study
• Fit of the research question, method, data collection & data analysis procedures
• Issues of rigor, reliability & validity
• Conclusions/implications/recommendations
• Suggestions for improvement of the research design
4. Your outline should include a brief description of each of the above aspects of the study and should then discuss whether the study meets the criteria we have discussed in class with respect to the reliability and validity of the research design in terms of the criteria for determining rigor.

1. Review of the study in each of the areas listed above & fit of method 6 pts.
2. Critique of the study according to each of the criteria listed above 6 pts.
3. Suggestions for improvement of research design 3 pts. I have included below the books that we have gotten the information from please use these as guidelines for doing this critique..I need to upload the study you will be critiquing…not sure where to upload it? Also I do not know how many references to put down..use as many as you think I need. Please follow the instructions perfectly.

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