Examine the SPACE outputs shown in the BIC Circle and evaluate the reports

Examine the SPACE outputs shown in the BIC Circle and evaluate the reports

Your team is responsible for planning, engineering and management of a DSC (Digital Service Center). You should view the DSC as an enterprise that should be architected with integrated services. Your team should go beyond Project1 and develop an overall integrated architecture that ties together individual services within a DSC and then between DSCs, i.e., the focus is heavily on collaboration and coordination between services and DSCs. This is a continuation of Project1.

Each team member is responsible for one ‘high impact’ service in the team. Your first task is to design an Enterprise Portal that will deliver these services of your team in a cohesive manner. For example, your team may develop a healthcare portal, an agriculture portal, a tourism portal, a service center portal, a village portal, an enterprise portal, etc). Then the team members provide added value by improving collaboration (info exchange) between these services in your portal. .

Figure 1: Conceptual View of Vertical and Horizontal Sectors in a Center, City, Island or Company (small circles indicate services within a sector)

Your team has no additional money (so what is new!) and needs to build a simple prototype of this system by using email as the basic transport mechanism and assuming human processing (by each team player) in different stages of the workflow — each team member player acts as an automated service – do role playing). You have to show how you will exchange info between services (team members) by using XML. Figure 1 illustrates the overall concept, assuming that each team is concentrating on one sector (of course, multiple teams may concentrate on one sector).

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