Discuss the role and relative merits of complementary

Discuss the role and relative merits of complementary

Question 1: What is the distinction between healthcare delivery and population-based public health? Explain the role of each in American community health.

Question 2: Discuss the role and relative merits of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in America. Which, if any, CAM modalities do you consider most effective and worthy of implementation in American hospitals?

Question 3: Describe the physiologic and pathologic consequences of cigarette smoking and other forms of tobacco use. As an employer, how would you set about reducing cigarette smoking in your own hospital or clinic workforce? Provide specific examples of strategies which you would implement.

Question 4: Visit http://circ.ahajournals.org to search for and read The U. S. Healthcare System 2010: Problems, Principles, and Potential Solutions. Do you agree with the authors assessment of American healthcare today? Why or why not? What is your own view of the most important steps needed to improve healthcare in our nation today?

Question 5: There are many facets to drug addiction. Controversy exists in what constitutes and defines drug addiction. Problems such as IV drug use, the spread of HIV and hepatitis C virus, and fetal injury remain major issues of drug addiction and make it important that drug addiction be controlled. Many communities have developed programs to help individuals change behavior and control their drug seeking impulses. On the other hand, recent evidence points to a neurotransmitter dopamine (DA) and its role in some addictions. How should communities define drug addiction? Should they fund community centers for drug addiction or should they increase their pharmacotherapy efforts?

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