Develop and implement strategies to resolve ethical issues.

Develop and implement strategies to resolve ethical issues.

Law and Ethics – Nursing

You are working as an EEN at Sunnyside Day Respite Centre on a morning shift.

You have had six clients come in for care today one of whom is Mrs Jocelyn Davis.
She is a regular client at the Respite Centre and has been diagnosed with moderate
At 1030 hours Mrs Davis becomes agitated and begins to wander around the
Respite Centre. The Registered Nurse in charge of the shift, RN Jolie, tells you to
restrain Mrs Davis in her chair with a lap restraint. You are not certain that Mrs Davis
needs to be restrained and you question RN Jolie’s order. RN Jolie becomes
annoyed at your question and tries to restrain Mrs Davis herself.
Mrs Davis verbally objects to being restrained and attempts to undo the restraint. In
the process her chair tips over, she hits her head on the floor and loses
consciousness. While RN Jolie attends to Mrs Davis you call the ambulance.
After Mrs Davis is taken to hospital RN Jolie tells you to say that Mrs Davis was
found after she had falle n and hit her head if anyone asks you about what happened
to her. RN Jolie also tells you not to say anything about restraining Mrs Davis as you
will both get into trouble. You feel uncomfortable about this but she is your
Registered Nurse so you say nothi ng.
Mrs Davis dies in hospital two days later. The Coroner has been notified by the
hospital and her death is to be investigated by the Coroner’s Court.
When you hear about what is to happen following Mrs Davis’ death you are unsure
and become worried about what you should do now.
1. Discuss the following legal and professional issues in relation to this Case

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