Describe environmental hazards that pose risks to a person’s safety

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Ch. 27 Patient Safety

Describe environmental hazards that pose risks to a person’s safety. 2 pts
Discuss methods to reduce physical hazards and the transmission of pathogens in the hospital. 2 pts
Discuss the specific risks to safety related to developmental age. 2 pts
Identify the factors to assess when a patient is in restraints. 4 pts
Identify 3 relevant nursing diagnoses associated with risks to safety. 3 pts
Ch. 29 Infection Prevention

Identify the links of the chain of infection and transmission of each. 12pts
Give an example of preventing infection for each element of the infection chain. 6 pts
Identify the normal defenses of the body against infection. 2 pts
Identify patients most at risk for infection. 2 pts
Describe the signs/symptoms of a localized infection and those of a systemic infection. 2 pts
Explain conditions that promote the transmission of health care–associated infection. 1 pt
Explain the difference between medical and surgical asepsis. 2 pts
Explain the rationale for standard precautions. 1 pt
Identify precaution methods for each isolation category. 4 pts
Ch. 40 Hygiene

Describe factors that influence personal hygiene practices. 1 pt
Discuss the role that critical thinking plays in providing hygiene. 1 pt
Conduct a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s total hygiene needs. 1 pt
4.Discuss different approaches used in maintaining a patient’s comfort and safety during hygiene care.1 pt