Culture Applications Assignment: Change the World

You receive a letter in the mail. The letter is from the American Psychological Association (APA), and it grants you $150,000 in funds to visit any country in the world and set up a project there. Your project could be educational, health-related, or based on anything else.

First, choose the part of the world you want (specify area and country). Then, write up the project using the instructions provided below. Finally, respond to the projects of at least two classmates.

Examples of projects: a teen pregnancy prevention/education program in two states, a midday meal program for schoolchildren in Africa, a counseling center for victims of a natural disaster in Asia


Structure the project with the following sections:

  1. Title: This should be short and to the point: identify the target population, the focus of the project, and the country/region.
  2. Background of the project: This should be one paragraph.
  3. Purpose of the project: This is the point of the study—why you are doing it (one paragraph).
  4. Method: Here, you will describe the participants, the instruments/measurement methods/resources used, and the process: in other words, the target population, methods, and procedure (one paragraph each for participants, instruments/resources, and process).
  5. Outcome and rationale: What do you hope to achieve in this project, and how, specifically, will the project make a difference in the living conditions of your target population? Take into account the socio-cultural context (one to two paragraphs).