Application of Professional Concepts in Clinical

Application of Professional Concepts in Clinical

Learning Outcomes:

1. Relate how caring and advocacy principles are used in client-centered care.

2. Identify the impact of collaboration among the members of the health care team.


: Clinical rotations are a critical component of your experiential learning education and are one of

the foundations for professional nursing practice. This assignment asks that you consider the professional

concepts studied this term in the context of your clinical experience.

Instructions / Questions

1. Identify a patient care situation that you participated in or closely observed members of the interdisciplinary

team participate in during your clinical experience this semester.

a. Briefly describe the clinical situation in a clear, objective and professional manner.

b. Do not use names or other clearly identifying information (use descriptor such as ‘Nurse A’, ‘the

patient’ or initials, ‘the patient’s spouse’, ‘Dr. K.’, etc.)

2. Discuss how


professional nursing concepts from NSG 130 were applied in this clinical situation. Include

how the concepts you select are related (see samples on Canvas and text books).

Reply to the following prompts:

a. Discuss the impact of effective and/or ineffective application of the concepts on the clinical situation.

b. Describe any other nursing knowledge, skill or attitude that was applicable to this situation such as

professional nursing standards (ANA), QSEN, or concepts from other courses (safety, infection prevention,

anatomy and physiology, cultural knowledge, etc.)

3. Briefly describe how this experience will help inform your future clinical practice as a nursing student or an


4. APA –This assignment requires personal reflection on the application of professional nursing concepts in your

clinical rotation and therefore may be written in the first person. Other APA guidelines apply. The length of

the paper needs to be adequate and the content of high quality. In the evaluation, the assignment quality will

be weighed heavier than quantity. The paper should include at least one reference and should be about 200–

300 words in length (not including references). You’re course texts are a good source to reference, or you

may reference a professional journal article or professional standard.

Submission and Due Dates:

Before submitting the assignment, review the APA tips and sample template in

Canvas. The paper is due no later than 2330 on Friday, November 22


, by 2330.

Submit paper to electronically to the instructor (T. Granger) per

instructions (pending).

Application of Professional Concepts Rubric


40 Points

Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Below Expectations


Fails to Meet Expectations


Content is

Addresses the


The student’s reflection

and response to the

prompts/topic are

presented in a clear

manner; The topic is

thoroughly addressed;

The paper is

immediately interesting

and it is supported with


The student’s reflection

relates to the instruction

prompts/topic; the

student satisfactorily

addresses the topic;

Detail is provided. It may

take a re-reading to


The student minimally

addresses or veers from

addressing the

prompts/topic. Little

detail is offered: it is

difficult to follow and


Fails to meet the criteria by

disregard for the expectations

stated in the instructions;

Does not address the

prompts/topic; The reader

can not follow the paper at

any length.


30 Points

Exceeds Expectations


Meets Expectations


Below Expectations


Fails to Meet Expectations



& Use of


Content is easy to read.

The paragraphs are clear

and with sufficient

detail. Ideas are

connected and free of

grammatical and

technical errors.