Analyze how do the posters reflect nurses’ changing role and image in mid-twentieth century America?

World War II Posters Paper (20 pts) a 2 page paper on 2 World War II posters (a primary source) from course materials addresses the question: Analyze how do the posters reflect nurses’ changing role and image in mid-twentieth century America?


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a)have a thesis

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c)use Chicago style citation (NOT MLA). I will provide instructions on how to cite using Chicago style citation.

Link to the posters:

Nursing Recruitment


(There used to be a link that had all the World War II posters together but as can be the case with the internet, it is no longer. Here are some more World War II propaganda posters. This is a commercial site selling posters and some of them are directed at nursing babies vs. the profession of nursing.

Be sure the posters you pick are labeled World War II.)

Some advice on the World War II papers:
To make a persuasive argument, your paper must show change over time. That is, in order to show that nurses’ roles and images were different in the World War II era, you must discuss the roles and images before that time. I would not recommend going back to Nightingale/ The Civil War however. The textbook will help you do that. The bulk of your paper should be focused on the World War II recruiting posters and your analysis of the images.
Be aware that not all the posters are of nurses(ie) WAVES or SPARS-those are for posters recruiting for different branches of the military) , so only focus on the posters that directly recruit nurses.
When you are examining the posters think about:
1)the words that government leaders (and their advertising firm consultants) directed towards American women
2)how would you describe these women in demographic terms?
3)Look at how women are dressed and think about how the book described nurses’ uniforms and how nurses were supposed to present themselves?
4)What does the book tell you about societal attitudes regarding gender in this era and what respectable women might do and still remain respectable?
Before you complete your second paper for this class, please reach out to me if you have any questions about my comments on your first paper I’m happy to meet with you in person or chat over Facetime.
This week, you are reading in your textbook about World War II and the expansion of nursing in the United States. You have your 2nd and final individual paper due this Sunday. Just as in your paper on Hospital Sketches, this paper also has you analyze a primary source document. In this paper, you are analyzing 2 posters from the course materials for this week. The prompt is as follows: “Analyze how do the posters reflect nurses’ changing role and image in mid-twentieth century America.”

Students should know that

When you paraphrase or summarize you are required to cite the source of the idea. If you do not do this you are claiming the ideas as your own. A bibliography at the bottom of the page is not enough!
When the words you use are not your own, they must be enclosed in quotes. If you find yourself confused by an assignment or in a time bind or family crisis, please communicate your concerns to me. Allot enough time to do assignments and meet deadlines. This may mean starting to prepare earlier than you are accustomed to.