An individual, reflective 3,000-word essay based on course material

please refer to the file named -advice on assignment/essay question this is where you will find the actual essay question. all three questions are to be answered A. Imagine you are in the position of Noelle Freeman, the Chief Financial Officer of Franklin Climate Systems. Reflecting on one or more theories on the nature of managerial work discussed in week 2 (i.e. Taylor, Fayol, Weber, Follett, Barnard, Urwick, Mintzberg, Stewart), please describe what are the key aspects of Noelles work as a manager. n B. Which management skills from those covered in this module (i. effective problem-solving, ii. developing self-awareness, iii. effective motivation & empowerment of others, iv. ability to work effectively in groups, v. successfully managing power & conflict and vi. successfully leading change) would Noelle need to apply in order to fix the toxic culture at the Little Rock Arkansas plant of Franklin Climate Systems? Why are these skills that you selected important in this situation? To answer this question please draw on the theories related to the selected skills. n C. Reflecting on the self-awareness skill that was discussed in the lecture and exercised at the seminars of week 4, if you were in Noelles place, would you choose to support the layoffs (i.e. fire people) or advocate for culture change instead? Why?