A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice.Discuss

A qualitative study of nursing student experiences of clinical practice.Discuss

This is the last step of finalizing your research project proposal. You will first complete the section of data collection methods, instruments, data and methodologies section before finalizing your submission.

A. Describe the design and approach you plan on implementing
B. Rationale for research approach
C. Role and bias of the researcher
D. Sampling techniques used
E. Description of participants and/or target audience
F. Hypothesis statement (if appropriate)
G. Describe the data collection methods you will use
H. Describe the instruments you will use, the data you will collect and the procedure.

Now you have each section complete. Submit your final Research Project Proposal as follows:

Be sure to address each heading in the final submission including an abstract, table of content etc. Refine your work conducted throughout the course assignments and create your final proposal. If you need help OWLPurdue website provides information on format for a research proposal. You can also reference your book and other information provided in this course.

I. Abstract
II. Table of Content
III. Introduction
IV. Problem Statement/ Research Question (s)
a. Literature review
b. Hypothesis (if appropriate)
c. Research design
d. Role and bias of researcher
e. Sampling techniques
f. Participants
g. Data Collection Methods
h. Instruments
i. Research procedure
j. Data analysis
V. Conclusion

* In the conclusion please include a reflection statement about the process of creating this research proposal. Possible questions to consider and address include:

What would you do differently in building your next research proposal?
What components were the most challenging for you to write?
What parts of the proposal intrigued you the most?
How do you plan on using this proposal throughout your academic journey and in your capstone?

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